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Not sure where to go? Thanks to the newly renovated auditorium that the Lord has blessed us with, finding your Sunday School class is easy and convenient. But, if you still aren't sure where to go, stop by the Welcome Centers located in the lobby of the Main Auditorium. One of our friendly greeters would be happy to point you in the right direction.


Main Auditorium near the Bailey Avenue entrance. Look for the painted castle outside the doors - this is what we call "Kids of the King."
* For babies-kindergarten


Herrmann Building, located on the corner of Bailey Avenue and S. Orchard Knob Avenue. Look for the building with the large water fountain in front of it - just step into the front doors, and our staff will guide your kids to their classroom.
* For 1st-6th grades


Hancock Building, 1st Floor, located on the corner of Bailey Avenue and S. Orchard Knob Avenue. It's the building across the street from the water fountain.
* For 7th-12th grades


Asbury Reception Room, located right across the street (Bailey Avenue) from the Main Auditorium. Use the front door entrance, and go to the room right behind the reception desk - you can't miss it!

Couples Classes:

All couples classes are in the Main Auditorium, in the hallway right behind the Coffee Shop (which is located just inside the lobby of the MA). The classes are broken up according to age; for example, Couples 2/3 is for couples in their 20s and 30s.
Couples 2/3: Room 104 (teacher - Roger & Joy Martin)
Couples 4/5A: Room 103 (teacher - Mel Leatherman)
Couples 4/5B: Room 105 (teacher - James Myers)
Couples 5/6: Room 107 (teacher - Greg Stephens)
Couples 7/8: Room 101 (teacher - Scotty Marcum)

Ladies Classes:

Ladies 1: Asbury Fellowship Hall, located across the street from the Main Auditorium using the back door entrance (in the alleyway).
* For younger and middle-aged ladies

Ladies 2A: Main Auditorium, Room 102 (teacher - Winnie Mattheiss)
Ladies 2B: Main Auditorium, Room 100 (teacher - Starla Testerman)
* Lades 2A and 2B are for senior ladies


Main Auditorium Deacons' Room, located in the back hallway on the Union Avenue side of the auditorium. Facing the stage in the auditorium, this room is on the right portion of the building.

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